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Altoona Parks

The Cinder City Park of Altoona is a huge part of Altoona’s community. Currently the park consists of 25 acres, which includes 4 lighted ball fields. Those ball fields are 2 adult softball fields, one baseball field, and one youth field. The park also offers a park, restrooms, and concessions that are open during ball games. Once a year in June there is a Cinder City Days Fair that takes place, with this fair there is a Parade that goes down streets near the Cinder City Park. For more information about Cinder City Days, please click on this link.

The future of Altoona’s Cinder City Park is hard to predict. Although we can assume that it will grow in size and more fields will be built eventually. The Cinder City Days fair and parade will also most likely continue as a yearly event for the community.

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