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River Prairie


By Elena Nichols, Carter Bontje, Lance Downs, and Collon Meating

River Prairie was originally owned by River Hills, who gave the land to the Wisconsin National Guard.
As of today, River Prairie is home to both people and businesses. If you drive out to River Prairie, you will see beautiful homes and buildings in construction. The OakLeaf Surgical Hospital is currently being built, along with Chippewa Valley Orthopedics. There is still some grassy land standing, waiting to be created into something exciting for the people of Altoona. http://www.ci.altoona.wi.us/index.cfm/m/riverprairie/

The future of River Prairie lies somewhat in the hands of the people. The mayor and the city administrator of Altoona want to build other things besides businesses and houses in the remaining River Prairie land that will attract people to the city. They are thinking something that will take place in the outdoors so people can appreciate the Prairie. Many are still firing ideas as to what Altoona needs to make it flourish.

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