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The Prairie of Altoona, Wisconsin

By: Carter Goodwin

Most people may not know this, but Altoona has a prairie to call its own. It has a special flower called the Hoary Puccoon. This flower indicates that this prairie has been untouched for thousands of years; this particular flower cannot be transplanted and only grows in what has always been a prairie.

Hoary Puccoon
There is much history behind the prairie of Altoona and it is estimated that the prairie is over 2000 years old! In the past wild fires were common and were actually very necessary to keep a prairie alive, now we burn it every so often to keep the soil cultivated.
We hope to preserve this prairie for as long as possible. We ask all to be respectful and to not disturb the presence of our prairie. It may not seem like it, but this prairie is very important as it is home to many types of plants and insects that you will find nowhere else in Altoona or Eau Claire. If we lose this prairie once, it will never come back ever again.

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